Saturday, December 31, 2016

Myfreeshares Review

MyFreeShares is a program that allows you to earn shares by clicking, signing up and referring new members and you earn daily on your shares.

What is MyFreeShares

MyFreeShares is a free program that allows you to earn shares by completing different tasks online such as PTC ads, free signups, paid signups and inviting new members. When you have shares in your account you will earn a share in the profits that the site earns. This means that you get paid every day even if you don't do anything that day. MyFreeShares earns money by selling banner impressions, website ads, e-mail ads, etc. The money earned is then divided among the members who own shares. The minimum payout amount is $10.

  • In order to earn cash on your shares you must be actively using the site in the last 100 days 
  • Each day you lose 0.15% of the shares you have on that day. 
  • You can earn shares by clicking ads, doing free signups or paid signups and referring new members to Myfreeshares. 
  • MyFreeShares is not an MLM or get rich quick scheme. Members are not required to refer, upgrade or sell anything in order to be paid. 

How to Earn as a Free Member

  • Shares and Cash to Click section - Click these ads and earn shares.
  • Shares to Click(Contest) section - Click these ads and earn shares and have a chance to win 10 Cents
  • Shares to Signup - Sign up for Free offers to get shares(always follow the instructions to get the shares)
  • Shares for Paid Signups - Sign up and purchase different things and earn up to 1500 shares.
  • Earn $100 by playing poker for FREE - Play poker at and earn cash at Myfreeshares(follow instructions to get the cash!)
  • Inbox - If you have your account set to receive mail in your account inbox you will find your Myfreeshares mail here.
  • Referral Center - This is where you will find your affiliate links and banners to invite new members to join. 
  • PTC Ad Redeem - Use the cash in your MyFreeShares account to promote your links in the PTC section.
Recommended Upgrades

If you have extra money I would recommend upgrading because you will get random referrals added to your account and extra shares and advertising credits which means more money for you. The higher the upgrade the better the benefits, so check your budget and see if it is worth it for you. You can definitely earn without upgrading though.

Strategy to earn from

Earning at MyFreeShares is simple. Your goal is to get as many shares in your account as you possibly can.

  • Log in every day and click all of the PTC and Contest ads
  • Check the Shares for Signups and Paid Signups pages to see if there are any new programs that you could sign up to earn shares.
  • When you need to buy advertising or pay for a special membership always check the Paid Signup shares page to see if what you need is in there. There are tons of shares to be earned in this section! 
  • Try the Poker Strategy page and get rewards when you contact MyFreeShares admin.
  • It is a good idea to build up a large amount of shares so that you can reach payouts quicker. 
  • Invite your friends, family and online buddies to join you at MyFreeShares
  • Get a free splash page and learn about promoting your affiliate links at (You will find it in the blog post titled "Free Splash Pages for My Favorite Sites!")
  • Check your MyFreeShares account frequently for special offers for advertising and share earning. 
This is a great program that has been around for a long time and they have paid me numerous times.

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